Authoring under openSUSE. Packman repository.

Bombono DVD depends on such classic tools for DVD authoring like dvdauthor, mjpegtools and twolame (successor of toolame). But these tools are not in openSUSE "out of box". Here are details how to get them.


dvdauthor package is not included in the official repositories of openSUSE. You need to install it from Packman repository; it is the largest non-official repository for openSUSE. See detailed instructions here how to add repository Packman.


While mjpegtools is included in the official repositories of openSUSE, it's not that good. Due to "some legal uncertainties" with MPEG2 codecs SuSE distributor deletes mpeg2enc and some others programs from mjpegtools intentionally :(. But Packman repo helps again - it has the full version of mjpegtools.

Troubleshooting. Run these commands in your terminal:

$ rpm -qa mjpegtools
$ mpeg2enc
bash: mpeg2enc: command not found

If you have such an output then you need to reinstall mjpegtools:

  1. remove mjpegtools
  2. add Packman (if you have not got it until now)
  3. install mjpegtools again

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