Useful Links

mjpegtools package includes many tools for handling MPEG2 files:

  • mplex is the great MPEG2 muxer, one of the best among open source programs
  • mpeg2enc is MPEG2 encoder
  • png2yuv is a video stream maker from still images
  • and many others

xine is a free multimedia player. And it is the best player for DVD under Linux (IMHO). I suggest to check every your DVD authoring before burning it:

xine dvd://path/to/dvd/folder

or use totem with xine as backend 1

totem-xine dvd://path/to/dvd/folder

Wing IDE is a very smart IDE for Python coding. I use it to improve this site.

Bombono DVD at - The Few, The Proud, The Geeks.

  1. xine backend support was dropped since Totem 2.27.1 . All DVD users regret about that decision :( (1)

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