Importing video from DVD

Your video is already on DVD but you want to repack it? All right, here is DVD-Import Assistant to help with it. You can open it this way:

  • Project menu -> Add Videos from DVD

  • Try to add *.VOB files from VIDEO_TS folder and you are to be advised to run Assistant.

Do step through the pages of Assistant:

  • Choose Source DVD-Video - find VIDEO_TS folder and the button Forward will be enabled

  • Select Videos to Import - check Video you want; you can preview video in the little right monitor

  • Select Folder to Save Videos - all video will be saved in a folder/on disk you point

  • Importing... - wait while all videos are importing

  • Import is completed. - here you get informed everything is ok (or not); check it and that's all!

Remark: the process to repack DVD-Video is called reauthoring, not ripping.
Attention: do not make illegal copies of DVDs.

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