About Bombono DVD

Bombono DVD began its life in 2007 when I found no comfortable program to save video from my DVD-recorder to DVD, in Linux. I looked over some DVD-programs in Windows (TSUNAMI DVD Author, DVDit!) and found out that menu editor is a critical thing in authoring. So I began to code the editor ... with idea to make it as tech-simple as it could be. And named it "The Atom Project"(or just "Atom") to emphasize the goal.

When I done with the editor I found out that it's only beginning. So I continued and got Timeline window, Monitor, Browsers, DnD - all just to make DVD authoring easy. So Atom was transformed to Bombono. :)


About Bombono DVD Author

I'm C++/Python programmer; have an interest in video and everything connected with it. My name is Ilya Muravj'ov, I live in Yaroslavl, Russia.

What does Bombono mean?

Bombono is Esperanto word (derived from Spanish) simply meaning bon-bon. It's pronounced as /bom-'bo-no/.

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