User frames

DVD menus in Bombono are composed with frames (or buttons) and text. Go to the Menu tab before you start. A frame (style) can be chosen from corresponding list in Editor Toolbar. By default you find there several frames like rectangle, oval and cell.

If you want to get new frame you can create a new one or modify an existing frame (see /usr/share/bombono/resources/frames to get existing frames). Here is how you can create your own frame:

  • create in Gimp (or any other image editor) two images, frame.png and vframe.png, 325x245 both
  • frame.png is to be ground (a poster will be put on it)

  • vframe.png is to be for its alpha channel only; alpha will restrict a poster area to show so part of frame.png will be seen too
  • next we give a name to our new frame and place (v)frame.png images into a folder with that name, and the folder goes to ~/.config/bombono-dvd/frames

Ok, now you use your brand new frame. Just run Bombono and find the frame in the list of frames.

Or you can modify an existing frame. Here is a little tutorial (I use my login name, ilya, but you should use your own):

  1. I want to modify cell frame, cell -> mycell

  2. so I copy /usr/share/bombono/resources/frames/cell contents to /home/ilya/.config/bombono-dvd/frames/mycell
  3. I open frame.png and vframe.png in Gimp, change them somehow and save; than I open Bombono and see the result

You can share your new frames on the forum.

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