Bombono DVD seeks for a new maintainer.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016
Fork Bombono DVD on Github.

Thanks to Christian Marillat, Askhat Bakarov, Behnam Momeni for making and collecting recent patches.

Catbo, the brand new web service for translators.

Sunday, 10 March 2013
Let me introduce the brand new web service for translators, Catbo.

Catbo is a free computer-assisted translation web service, CAT; it is designed to help a human translator to translate documentation and other texts. Automatic machine translation systems available today like Google Translate are not able to produce high-quality translations.

Catbo has full support for texts in the HTML and XHTML formats. To make sure Catbo is a high quality and a modern product just look at the project HTML5_enru which aims to translate the latest HTML5 specification into Russian. Our next goal is to support wikipedia/mediawiki format, pdf and so on (odt/docx/xml/docbook/rst/...).

Every Catbo user may help to translate documents. Moreover, we the Catbo developers encourage users to participate in making translations in a wiki manner. Join our forum at, where you can ask questions about Catbo and discuss your projects.

So, you are welcome to try Catbo!

Catbo Documentation

Bombono DVD 1.2.2: Two-Pass Encoding

Friday, 8 March 2013
Now Bombono DVD can fill out DVD space precisely, making use of Two-Pass Encoding feature in FFmpeg/Libav. Changelog:

  • Two-Pass Encoding option: Project -> Preferences; also fixes #80

  • Black and blue icons for DVD menus (thanks to abstrusus)

  • for Windows: checking bad image files (thanks to Roonwhit)

  • for Linux:
    • fixes for latest versions of gcc, ffmpeg 1.1/libav 9.2, boost 1.53
    • #86: users are encouraged to update to GTK >= 2.24.15

  • More closed tickets: #85, #89

  • Translations: Spanish, Esperanto (Felipe Castro), Galician (Leandro Regueiro), Slovak (Dušan Kazik), Vietnamese

I take this opportunity to congratulate all women on the occasion of International Women’s Day. <3
Ilya Murav'jov

Bombono DVD in RPM Fusion, Part 2

Thursday, 14 June 2012
Bombono DVD is now in rpmfusion repositories, for Fedora 16, 17 and upcoming 18. To install, you should enable the rpmfusion repository as described in After that you can install the package 'bombono-dvd' either using the "Add/Remove software" graphical tool or use the command line:

$sudo yum install bombono-dvd

To download package directly, use the "Browse available packages" link at

Bombono DVD in RPM Fusion

Friday, 13 April 2012
Bombono DVD has been packaged for Fedora 16 in RPM Fusion. RPM Fusion ships Fedora packages which cannot be shipped from the main project, e. g. due to US patent laws.

In the beginning (i. e., April) bombono-dvd lives in the rpmfusion-free-updates-testing repository. Experienced Fedora users know how to enable this and install the package.

For others, the package will be readily available after the testing period, just as rpmfusion is enabled. During the test period it can be downloaded from i386 or x86_64.

Bombono DVD 1.2.1

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

  • for Windows:
    • do not crash if PATH contains non-Latin characters, "Debug Error! This app has requested the Runtime to terminate it..." (thanks to Oleg P.)

    • Bombono generates now more useful information if it crashes (minidumps, with help from Breakpad)

  • for Linux:
    • Fixes for new ffmpeg (0.8-0.10) and avconv (0.7, 0.8) versions
    • Due to the fact that ffmpeg encoder is not more supported in libav, avconv is used instead if it exists at runtime
    • twolame' dependency is removed
    • Alec Leamas did great and difficult work to integrate the program into the RPM Fusion repository (the latter is associated with Fedora and Red Hat), many thanks to him; though something is stuck in RPM Fusion again, due to their complicated rules, but we will continue to hope...

  • Translation update: Czech
  • Bug fix for the error "Can't seek through the file" when the index is far from start but valid, see #68 est disponible en Français (is available in French)

Friday, 6 January 2012
Merci à Fred.

Bombono DVD French Tutorial

Thursday, 1 December 2011
The tutorial by Fred R.

Bombono DVD 1.2: Multi-core processor support

Tuesday, 15 November 2011
Now Bombono DVD can fully utilize multi-core CPUs: it spawns transcoding jobs in parallel and/or use -threads the option of ffmpeg rationally. Depending on your CPU it can greatly reduce time to make DVD.


  • Multi-core CPU support for transcoding videos
  • Time calculation left to take authoring
  • Translations: Chinese simplified (Wylmer Wang), Danish, German (Roland Illig), Finnish, Italian, Ukrainian
  • No File Browser, see #60

  • More menu items:
    • Arrows and other icons can be used in menus, not only frames; if you want to use your own pictures then just add them to ~/AppData/Roaming/bombono-dvd/icons (Win7) or ~/.config/bombono-dvd/icons (Linux)
    • New frames, from Dietrich Martin
    • Many default icons: checks, arrows, rounds etc (thanks to abstrusus)

  • Web browser integration for getting menu backgrounds
  • Better 16:9 DVD support:
    • Generation of two subpicture streams for 16:9 menus: letterbox and widescreen, see #56

    • More than 12 buttons for 16:9
  • Splash screen (an app can't live without it, seriously)
  • Bitrate Calculator:
    • Apply changes for multiple videos at once, see #58

    • Custom ffmpeg options entry
  • Copy&Paste&Cut for menu items; Copy Menu function, see #50

  • Error Report before authoring, if needed: buttons overlap, DVD capacity exceeded, etc
  • Menu Editor:
    • Preserve aspect ratio when resizing buttons, see #45 (with Shift)

    • Highlight border only, see #27

    • Snap to grid, see #44

    • 3 styles to span background of menu: Fill, Fit and Stretch
  • Rename items in Menu|Media Browser via function "Rename" & no conflict with DnD

  • The ticket #32 fix: Cannot jump to chapter N of title M, only N-1 exist

Changelog for Windows:

  • Add Videos from DVD is on
  • Look & Feel:

    • Modern UI themes based on Murrine engine added: Ambiance, Dust, Dust Sand, Radiance, see Screenshots; you can turn them on in Preferences

    • Humanity icon theme applied
    • Native Windows folder selection dialog is used now instead of Gtk' one
  • SVG support
  • WMP (Windows Media Player) support for playing results
  • Bug fixes:
    • fix for checking blank DVD+R media before burning
    • fix for dialogs keep blank, see discussion

    • fix for disc labels having spaces
  • version 1.2 got a price tag, see Buy Now; versions 1.0.x remain free of cost though and are rebranded as Bombono DVD Free

Other tech fixes and remarks:

  • Closed tickets: #36, #43

  • Fix for main menu (Project-Go-Help) in Ubuntu 11.04: do not cover it with main tabs
  • SCons is now optional for authoring
  • Various fixes for ffmpeg/libav libraries >= 0.7, including crashes like that (Linux)

  • MIME data added from Carlos Sánchez (Linux)
  • gvfs is needed for web browser integration (Linux)
  • Button to reset subtitles selection, for videos
  • playing filename with blank in its name

  • Fix for nasty Gtk filechooser bug

  • mkisofs => genisoimage (Linux)

  • (For experts) when building with USE_EXT_BOOST=1 and gcc >= 4.6: Boost version should be >= 1.47 because of #5279; or build without USE_EXT_BOOST=1, you have been warned

Bombono DVD German Tutorial

Saturday, 12 November 2011
The tutorial by Dietrich Martin. Further wikihelp from native speakers ist welcome.

The project site changes

Friday, 11 November 2011
The project site has been moved from SourceForge hosting. If you notice any errors with the site, please contact me on the forum or by email (below).

Fix for Italian translation in Windows

Sunday, 31 July 2011
Bombono DVD 1.0.3: not to crash when opening dialogs for save/open files (thanks to gianca).

​​Seven video tutorials in Italian about Bombono DVD

Sunday, 24 July 2011
The article from Antonio Cantaro.

First stable version 1.0.2 for MS Windows

Monday, 4 July 2011
Bombono DVD is stable for Windows now. Changelog:

  • No File Browser: "Add Media Files" Dialog instead, see Compact View (previous mode is available too, see Preferences)

  • Native Open/Save dialogs are used instead of GTK' ones if possible
  • Right Ok/Cancel button order for dialogs
  • Hot keys are fixed for nonlatin letters


The Forum New Location

Wednesday, 22 June 2011
The forum has been moved to its new location. Old forum is kept for a while for user benefit but no more maintained. While SF keeps to support great forum service there are still (subjective) reasons to move:

  • a few errors and quirks
  • no possibility to add language packs (l10n) and mods (wait for your requests at

  • slowness (subjectively)

Beta 3 for MS Windows

Thursday, 16 June 2011
One fix: not to crash when opening certainly edited mpeg2 video files (thanks to barsnick).
See Download for the Windows installer.

Beta 2 for MS Windows

Sunday, 5 June 2011
One fix: not to crash when opening elementary video streams (*.m2v; thanks to OldPaul).
See Download for the Windows installer.

Beta 1 for MS Windows

Thursday, 26 May 2011
After 5 months of development Bombono DVD is ready for Windows, too. The program is fully working as Linux one except a few issues to be fixed:

  • Win32 console is still involved during authoring operation
  • No import from DVD
  • Hot keys do not work e.g. in Output tab
  • Autocomplete is disabled for font selection

See Download for the Windows installer.

Bombono DVD 1.0.2

Monday, 18 April 2011

  • Fixes for new distros:
    • libxml++ 2.33.1 changes: projects can be opened
    • update for spumux, dvdauthor 0.7.0
  • (For experts) one line setting ~/.config/bombono-dvd/av_seek_shift: set to "-N" (e.g. -4 seconds) to avoid missing keyframes/visual artefacts of videos
  • (For experts) when building with USE_EXT_BOOST=1 & Boost >= 1.46:


Additionally, Dr. John v. Kampen has published nice article and screencast about Bombono DVD and OpenShot Video Editor.

Bombono DVD 1.0.1

Saturday, 12 February 2011

  • Translation updates: Ukrainian (Yuri Chornoivan), Danish, Norwegian
  • Fix for loading a project: set right TV type (NTSC/PAL)
  • Fix for text buttons: highlight text precisely
  • Fix for ffmpeg running:
    • don't break on non-text log
    • ffmpeg >= 0.7(current trunk): -padX => -vf pad=X

Bombono DVD 1.0: Can eat every video you have

Thursday, 30 December 2010
Now Bombono DVD can handle all video formats, thanks to FFmpeg. Transcoding is to be done when required; to adjust transcoding options (bitrate, dimensions) just right-click with the mouse at the video in Media List and choose Bitrate Calculator.


  • BmD can import all that ffmpeg can handle, not only DVD-compliant videos (AVI/MKV/MOV/TS/MPG/MPEG4/WEBM/OGG/...); excellent "frame by frame" video access is retained
  • Translation updates: Finnish, French, Russian, Spanish
  • Transcoding:
    • Black padding for not DVD-aspect videos
    • All audio streams being transcoded, not only first one
    • Audio transcoding bitrate: 320kbit/s, not 448kbit/s
  • Bitrate Calculator

  • Adjust Bitrate to Fit to Disc
  • Subtitles support:
    • spumux is used for text rendering
    • Trying to guess subtitles encoding with Enca

  • Segfault fix while loading bad/legacy projects
  • Small changes:
    • Fix for non-UTF8 locales like ru_RU.KOI8-R, #40

    • Fix for running totem with a file with spaces etc
    • .bmd for projects instead of .xml
    • Online help reference in menu Help

Bombono DVD 0.8.1

Saturday, 13 November 2010

  • Translation updates: Danish, Finnish, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian
  • fixes for ffmpeg >= 0.6 (motion menus):

    • explicit stream mapping (-map NxM)
    • parsing formats and codecs of ffmpeg
  • fix for non-latin directories while authoring
  • build fix for USE_EXT_BOOST=1 & Boost <= 1.44:


Bombono DVD 0.8: Motion Menus in Action

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Motion menus can be rendered (with ffmpeg as encoder); to set a menu as a motion one just right-click it in Menu Browser and choose Menu Settings; set "motion" flag, duration, etc and try to build the project. Background and frame items (everything) will be motion if they can; use Set Poster feature to adjust it your own way.

New screenshot: Motion Menu Dialog


  • Motion menus
  • Translations:
    • brand new: Czech (Marek Černocký), French (Olivier Girard), Italian (Sergio Zanchetta), Spanish (Carlos Sánchez)
    • updates for languages: Danish, Finnish, Russian, Vietnamese
  • "Play All" type of linking, see #33

  • The program now remembers its size and position on display; sizes of browsers File Browser and Media List are remembered too
  • Subpicture colors for menus can be adjusted now, in Menu Settings, #26

  • The only bug been fixed, #35

  • Menu Editor: Distribute Horizontally/Vertically by tekkno genius
  • New Frames (Buttons): "shadow", "shadow & white", "shadow2" and "slide" by wronguser

  • Bombono DVD can now be built with Clang (LLVM) compiler 2.8+ (2.9 if you need PCH support), experimental support); GCC is still out of competition, though

Bombono DVD 0.6 Released!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

  • Preferences: Default folder for authoring results, fixes #24

  • build fixes for gtk <= 2.18

  • error fix for "Write Disk Image" mode, see #21


Bombono DVD 0.5.9 - Release Candidate for Next Stable Version

Friday, 2 April 2010
New features and fixes:

  • menu encoding fix: better quality with mpeg2enc (thanks to stagediverr)
  • translations: Finnish (Jorma Karvonen), Swedish (Daniel Nylander), Vietnamese (Clytie Siddall), Norwegian (Eivind Ødegård), Danish (Joe Hansen)
  • 16:9 menus, fixes #3

  • Poster Link, fixes #4

  • 'Safe Area' frame, fixes #5

  • multiple items align for editor, fixes #12

  • automatic chaptering, fixes #6

  • mux feature with mplex: "Project->Mux", fixes #14

  • play current position from Timeline, in media player (Totem)
  • 'Post Action' feature for video
  • user frames(buttons) in ~/.config/bombono-dvd/frames
  • program preferences, fixes #22

Bombono DVD 0.5.5 - Development Release

Saturday, 6 March 2010
New in this release:

  • full i18n (the program is ready for translation to languages other than English)
  • Russian translation
  • GUI fixes: #18: "Buttons lacking description..."; several DVD Import fixes

  • fixed #19

It's time for translating Bombono DVD to your native language! See more how you can help.

Bombono DVD 0.5.2 - Bug Fix Release

Monday, 28 September 2009
Changes in this release:

  • Error "File is not open" fix with read only and >2GB files (#7, #8)

  • 352x240 and 352x288 MPEG-2 videos are now accepted (#9)

  • Close button fix in About dialog
  • Error message box about rejected files is not too big now.

Also, now you can subscribe to Bombono mailing list and ask questions on the forum or IRC.
Thanks to Henrik and Vienna for big files problem and other reports. :)

Bombono DVD 0.5.1 - Bug Fix Release

Saturday, 12 September 2009
Changes in this release:

  • Compile errors fixes
  • Authoring error fix with SCons v1.2.0
  • Fix with 16:9 format not accepted
  • 64bit support


Thanks to Alexandre Poliakov and all who wrote me about issues in the program. :)

Bombono DVD 0.5 Released!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009
The first public version of Bombono DVD is available for download.

Changes in this release:

  • DVD-Import is included.
  • Fix in building - one can install program in arbitrary prefix
  • Many improvements in design
  • Created binary packages for Ubuntu Hardy, openSUSE 11.0

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